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Discount For New Students: Free Demo Class & 10% off on fee | Apply Now
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Discount For New Students: Free Demo Class & 10% off on fee | Apply Now

Advanced Diploma In Designing
Program Code ADD| Duration 1 Year

Graphic designing, fast developing as a prestigious course, has immense scope in the current competitive world. Newton InfoTech is the right place for you, for sharpening your skills in this field. This institute trains the graphic designer in you and helps you to reach the zenith of your capabilities. Graphic designing has a huge scope in the world of advertising and marketing. You can earn handsome if you are given the right guidance and training. Newton InfoTech is the best destination for this purpose. Quality education and training are provided here. The training is of one year duration and after that it is sure to prove its worth. So go ahead, join this course and excel in this competitive world.

Advanced Diploma In Web Designing
Program Code ADWD | Duration 1 Year

If you have a creative mind, web designing is one of the best courses in which you can excel. Newton InfoTech guides you and trains you for this purpose. Proper support and excellent education is provided in this institute by good and skilled teachers. They help you to shape up your creativity in such a way that you master yourself in this skill. This course is of duration of one year. After one year, under the guidance of Newton InfoTech, you’re sure to have the best preparation to face the world of web designing. So go, get your creative skills sharpened, a world of opportunities in web designing awaits you.

Learn AutoCad

AutoCAD, computer aided design software, is used for drafting and designing. If you have the skill to design or create, it is one of the best available courses available to put your skills to practice. Newton InfoTech providence the right guidance and training in this field. This field has a huge amount of opportunities to be explored. Learn AutoCAD from Newton InfoTech and open the gates of a new world full of opportunities. We have an excellent and highly trained faculty to guide you and to help you master AutoCAD. Under their excellent guidance and friendly approach, you are sure gain a fair advantage over your competitors. So what are you waiting for? Join Newton InfoTech and get trained to be the best.

Certificate in F/A

If accountancy is your taste then the field of financial accountancy is the right course for you to excel. Newton InfoTech provides a certificate course in financial accounting. This institute gives you the best training under the guidance of excellent and skilled instructors. Newton InfoTech will help you to reach the zeniths in this field of accountancy. You are assured of getting the best quality education in this institute. Financial accounting has a huge scope, with countless opportunities. Under the right training and guidance you can avail the best of these opportunities. So gear yourself up and join Newton InfoTech to undergo the best training possible. It’s surely worth it and would provide the best of results to help to reach better career heights.

Learn English Speaking

In this fast developing world, English has developed to be a language that should be a must known. It is a language which has spread its root everywhere and in prevalent in every sector of life. If you want to move ahead in life and want to reach new heights, then English is must requirement. Newton InfoTech provides you training in this language and helps you to master this language with ease. This institute helps you to gain fluency over English effectively. It helps you to improve your spoken English under proper training. So don’t wait, join Newton InfoTech and experience the best quality training available, you are guaranteed to get the best results.

Many short term courses available

Newton InfoTech provides many short term courses with durations ranging from a few weeks to months. These courses are best suitable for those who want to master a course and start working as soon as possible. These short courses can also add extra credits to your already gained skills. Newton InfoTech provides short term courses like basic operating, tally, Photoshop, illustrator. InDesign, DTP. These courses of short duration can be easily mastered under the expert guidance of the Newton InfoTech instructors. Each course has its own value and credibility, and is sure to help you have an edge over the rest. So join Newton InfoTech fast and avail yourself this opportunity to add new skills to have the best career oriented life.